Welcome to a new level of organization.

We’re just like you. We complete projects for lots of people and we have to track lots of things. We tried the organizational tools out there and couldn’t find a fit. So we made Knowpher™, a project management app, custom developed by and for FileMaker solopreneurs, freelancers, and subcontractors.

If you’ve also been looking for an easy-to-use, no-nonsense development tool, keep reading.  


Ease of organization awaits.

• Track the contract companies you work for

• Track the clients of those contract companies

• Track projects

• Organize your notes from meetings

• Convert those notes into estimate items or straight into requests

• Build estimates that keep you from going over budget

• Build step-by-step instructions into your estimates

• Organize requests by urgency, status, due date, company, client, or project

• Track time against each request

• Create invoices across multiple clients with the click of a button


To show you the workflow that Knowpher™ provides, this video takes you through the process of meeting with the client all the way to getting paid for your work. You’ll see what it’s like to take notes, create an estimate, create requests, track time, invoice, and receive payment.


Get started today! To order, let us know which of the options below you prefer. After we get your information, we will send you an invoice. Once paid, we’ll provide you a link so you can download your software. We accept credit cards, PayPal, and checks.